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Project Description
SharePoint Tips Utility Pack is a package of utilities for the administrator\developer\deployer of SharePoint 2007 and WSSv3.

Originaly each tool was written to quickly solve a specific problem in a sharepoint deployment project, it can now be viewed as a code sample for sharepoint coding on various tasks.

It includes :
  1. A tool to recursively delete sites
  2. A tool to create a list in multiple sites at once
  3. A tool to modify field settings - some internal settings that you cannot modify in the regular interface, and the option to modify lists with the same name in multiple sites at once
  4. A tool to push a web part to multiple sites (a specific page in each site) at once
  5. (in beta) a tool to manage list event hanlders (register and remove event handlers from lists)
It is my hope that the community will not only learn from these code samples and use them to ease their life, but also that developers will add new tools to this package, making all our lives easier.

The application may only be run on the SharePoint server itself, with an account that has sufficient permissions on the SQL server (the application is not directly changing SQL server, but running SharePoint code requires permissions on the databases)

Ishai Sagi MVP

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